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Happy Labor Day!

28 Aug

All Central Star locations will be closed on Monday, Sept. 2, in observance of Labor Day. You can always access your accounts through our mobile and online banking services and Call-24. Or, click here to find surcharge-free ATMs near you! FIND ATMS>>


Kids and Money: 5 Tips on Allowances

27 Aug

1. Decide when to start. Experts recommend starting at age 4.

2. Figure out an appropriate amount. Discuss with your child and have them learn how to negotiate pament.

3. Talk with them about saving vs. spending. A three jar setup with saving, spending, and giving is a great way to teach kids about money.

4. Define that allowance is not a reward for household duties. Everyday must-do chores do not receive pay, but extras do.

5. Reward proper spending habits. Match any money they put towards savings.


Understanding Your 401 (k)

21 Aug

Next up in our Saving Series is the 401(k). Many of us have a 401(k) but few of us understand the ins and outs of our retirement savings accounts. Here are some tools to help you get a better grasp on your 401(k).


8 Tips to a Healthy 401 k

The World’s Easiest Guide to Understanding Retirement Accounts

A Young Man’s Guide to Understanding Retirement Accounts: the 401 (k)

Understanding 401 (k) Basics

401 (k) Plans

How 401 k Plans Work

Defined Contribution Plans: 401 (k)’s

How to save while eating out

14 Aug

Eat lunch instead of dinner

Prices are cheaper during lunch than at dinner.

Order water

Drinks can be expensive. Cut costs when dining out by skipping the drinks.

Use coupons or deals from places like

You can find coupons everywhere, in the newspaper, following places on Facebook, from Groupon, etc.

Go to restaurants that offer free (or cheap) kid’s nights

Many restaurants offer kids eat free nights. For a list of local restaurants click here.

Share a meal

We all know portions are incredibly large at most places so why not share a meal to save a few dollars.

Go on nights when specials are offered

Usually during the week restaurants have specials they promote to get more people eating out at their place.

Eat out earlier

Another time that restaurants promote specials is earlier in the evening. Check for happy hour appetizer/tapas promotions.


One last place to look for specials is

New Series

2 Aug

Hi all. Back to school is approaching and summer is coming to a close. Also coming to a close is our series on Budgeting. We are starting a brand new series this month and the topic is Saving. You have started to get your budget together and now it is important to focus on one of the main reasons for creating a budget. Not only will we talk about how to create a savings plan, but also ways to save money when shopping, paying bills, etc. We look forward to any feedback and or suggestions for this series or future ones.